Hello and welcome. The Church of England on the Isle of Man is working to cherish Creation and promote biodiversity.

This website is for individuals, churches and groups looking for information about the environment and climate heating, and in particular how churches and church buildings can get to net zero carbon by 2030.



Action to protect the environment can start at home and there are just so many things we can do. Here is a list for starters!



The Church of England is committed to being net zero carbon by 2030. A big challenge but there are already churches that have achieved this. Becoming an EcoChurch is a helpful way to start thinking about the environment and moving along the path to net zero. Click on Net Zero Carbon above. An example of an initiative promoting biodiversity is Caring for God’s Acre.



As part of our community, we all share the benefits and costs of the way in which we live. The climate emergency demands that we change and with the We Care campaign, we will share our commitment to a more environmentally sensitive future.